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Attack Ant Hill

The guy runs a prison, he can have any piece of ass he wants. The only thing I found in the fridge was a dead dove in a bag. Gob: You didn't eat that, did you?

Please refrain from Mayoneggs during this salmonella scare. With spicy club sauce.

Maybe it was the eleven months he spent in the womb. The doctor said there were claw marks on the walls of her uterus. Michael was concerned that he was caught in a lie about his family. The family was concerned that they were being confronted by a woman they had clubbed, drugged, and left on a bench. Do you have any idea how often you say the word afraid? Well, I know I used it in the Jacuzzi. Sure, let the little fruit do it. HUZZAH! That's so you can videotape it when they put you in a naked pyramid and point to your Charlie Browns. There are dozens of us! DOZENS! It's so watery. And yet there's a smack of ham to it.

Ohhh little guy. The tears aren't coming. The tears just aren't coming. In fact, it was a box of Oscar's legally obtained medical marijuana. Primo bud. Real sticky weed. What do you expect, Mother? I'm half machine! I'm a monster!! We have unlimited juice? This party is going to be off the hook. What's gotten into you? Have you been eating cheese? Don't ask "Can I"… ask "I Can!" They're not gonna strip, right? I told them not to, but I can't guarantee their instincts won't kick in.

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